The Power of A James Bond Watch

Some people thought with the advent of smartphones that displays the time, wrist watches would be the thing of the past. But those that thought it, didn’t understand the subconscious power of a person carrying a cool-looking timepiece on their wrist.

As you saw in Skyfall, James Bond carries both a smartphone and wears an Omega watch. And because of Bond, Omega watches are flying off the shelves. Omega paid around $10 million for 007 to sport that watch in SPECTRE.

James Bond originator Ian Fleming said: "A gentleman's choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit."

Ian Fleming not only wrote that his James Bond Character wore a Rolex, but Fleming himself, in fact, wore a stainless steel Rolex Explorer.

With that in mind, it seems obvious that wristwatches are here to stay no matter what technology in time-keeping comes to us in the future.

The first idea of the wristwatch started with the earliest watches in the 16th century. They were called ‘arm-watches’ and were exclusively worn by women as it was considered to be jewelry. Men, at that time, used pocket watches.

The first wristwatches worn by men were officers in the military at the end of the 19th century. This was because of the importance of timing attacks during a battle without revealing the plans to the enemy by using signals that were visible to all. Using pocket watches during battle or mounted on a horse was totally impractical, so officers began strapping their pocket watches to their arms.

By World War 1, the idea of wristwatches for men became popular so they started to be mass produced.

Starting with Dr. No, Sean Connery wore a Rolex, for every one of his Bond movies. We see a tight close-up of his Rolex in the opening sequence in Goldfinger.

From Live and Let Die, Roger Moore wore a Seiko most of the time. Starting with GoldenEye in 1995, 007 has worn an Omega watch on all his missions.

On the train in Casino Royale, Vesper looks at Bond’s watch and says, “Nice watch. Is that a Rolex? Bond replies, “Omega.” For SPECTRE, Omega came out with the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra James Bond.

So it looks like Omega is here to stay for 007’s watch of choice.

All of these images, both in the movie and commercials, program our minds as to the power of wearing a cool looking watch. Having time on our wrists at the ready, gives us the illusion of control over the ever illusive idea of moving through time.

Indeed, one of the first items that is recommended for those embarking on the James Bond Lifestyle is to buy a new watch. It doesn’t have to be an Omega or Rolex to start with, doesn’t have to be expensive. A new watch is worn to remind the wearer that: “Things are now different. I am now living the James Bond Lifestyle and will not backslide into any pettiness or negative ways of thinking.”

A great example of how a watch can empower someone is in this true story concerning Frank Sinatra:

In 1952 Frank Sinatra was down on his luck and singing to small audiences at Skinny D'Amato's 500 Club in Atlantic City. He planned to go to Africa to visit his wife, Ava Gardner, who was there filming the movie Magambo with Clark Gable. She had sent him the airfare. But Sinatra was broke.

Seated at a lounge table with Joe DiMaggio and Skinny D'Amato, Frank asked the baseball legend for a thousand dollar loan so that he could buy Ava a gift. DiMaggio refused.

When Sinatra was absent, DiMaggio said to D'Amato, "I never loan money to a has-been." D'Amato asked DiMaggio to loan it to him. Figuring the powerful nightclub owner was good for it, DiMaggio gave D'Amato a thousand dollars. Later D'Amato gave it to Sinatra. Not loaned, gave.

On top of that, D'Amato bought Sinatra a solid gold watch saying, "This is to remind you that you'll be back on top again. And bigger than before." When Sinatra became the most powerful man in Hollywood a few years later, he never forgot his loyal friend D'Amato and performed every year at the 500 Club for free.

This story has a lot of different things in it to examine. If you happen to be down on your luck now, or have a close friend that is in a slump, you can see:

  1. The importance of a loyal friend.
  2. The power of a new watch. (Whether you buy it or receive it as a gift).
  3. The power of good words to a friend that needs encouragement.
  4. The beginnings of Joe DiMaggio's well-earned reputation as a cheapskate.
  5. The paying back of help received in difficult times.

Whether you're up or down, you help a friend or not, you're cheap or giving, you are always relating with people. And you are always either building or destroying a career, friendship, or reputation.

* This Sinatra story was confirmed via Grace D'Amato's book, TV interviews, and books on Sinatra and DiMaggio.

So with the above said, start window shopping for a watch that empowers you. Be sure not to spend needed survival money or money that can get you to the next level of business on a watch. But get a new one that will keep you in the James Bond Lifestyle mind-set.