Why everybody wants to be James Bond

James Bond is a much different fictional hero than others. Yes, he is a man of action as all heroes are. The difference is that even though he is a civil servant, he lives a life of leisure, prosperity and luxury.

It's not the action and danger that we men crave, it's the fancy hotels, cars, and travel that make them want to live the James Bond Lifestyle.

Before Rambo goes on a mission, he's in prison or catching cobras in the jungle for a living. Dirty Harry lives in a dirty apartment, Rocky lives in a cheaper and dirtier one. And you never see them at a resort or casino or playing golf.

Before James Bond goes on a mission he is at a casino or resort hotel, or talking to his boss on a yacht in Venice, with his laptop next to him to connect to the world. It's that livestyle that we men admire.

The other aspect that we men admire about 007 is that; When most people are under pressure they fold, James Bond focuses. He can call up his talent at will and deliver on a deadline like he did stopping the new jet from being destoryed in Casino Royale.

The problem is that we go to the theater and cheer for Bond up there on the screen. We yell, "Go Bond. Don't give up. Don't mind the danger. Don't worry about the pain and the blood."

However, when we leave the theater we fail to cheer for ourselves. We think, "I'd like to start my own business. But it's too risky." "I'd like to find a new apartment or buy a new house. But it'll be too much trouble."

It's time to get our butts out of the way. It's time to "Act while other men just talk. To run when other men just walk. And then strike like 'Thunderball'."

James Bond walks it, and talks it. That's why we men like him.

But why should James Bond have all the fun?