Bond has always been a fashionable man. So has been his creator and you should, too. Clothes make the man and being decently dressed will have a big impact on how people perceive you. The following list acts as a primer for a simple and stylish wardrobe. It is inspired by the literary Bond as Ian Fleming described him. Note that these represent the basics. We're going for class not flamboyancy. The following recommendations can be the foundation of a versatile capsule wardrobe.



Go for a light to medium weight suit depending on climate. Go for quality cotton if you can (Super 120 or better) and make sure it's tailored. Extra points if the shirt is white silk. Wear with blue socks or without in the summer, if the occasion permits it. This simple outfit is very versatile as it can be dressed down. 

Dark blue suit


White Shirt


Black knitted Tie


Black Oxfords



This one is for the special occasions. Most people will not wear this attire on a regular basis, but when you have to, you can make sure you look super sharp with this simple ensemble. Wear this with black oxfords and black socks. Settle for nothing but a perfect fit when it comes to size.

Black single-breasted dinner Jacket


White Silk Shirt


Black double-ended satin Tie


Even when it's informal Bond is simply but well dressed. Make sure the pants are tapered and well fitted. You can also go slim but never loose. Wear this with a white or dark blue short sleeved shirt. Extra points for sea island cotton. You can also vary this with your dark blue suit pants. Stick to dark blue or black socks or go without.


border test 1436 x 3.png

White or dark blue short sleeve shirt


Black denim pants

Black Loafers


Your selection of everyday accessories. Don't forget, these do not replace your Bond Symbols for change, except for the watch and moneyclip, which you should already have in your possession. As for the watch, it obviously doesn't have to be a Rolex. But it's what Bond used. Go for something with quality that you can afford for now. Stick to a metal or slim black leather bracelet.



Rolex Oyster Perpetual


Bondlife carbon-fiber money clip


Black Dress Belt


Here are some additional recommendations, which will round out your Bond-inspired capsule wardrobe. 


  • Dark blue or dark grey overcoat
  • Black or dark blue casual jacket
    (e.g. Haringtion)
  • Black V-Neck sweater
  • Dark grey dress pants
  • Polo shirts (black, white, dark blue)
  • Plain, crisp T-shirts (white, grey, black)
  • More ties (simple patterns)