So you want to be cool and confident like James Bond, be charismatic and desired by women, take life's challenges head on? Well, that belly down there and these scrawny arms have to go. Physical training should become a routine part of your life. Being in shape and fit enough to accomplish your missions and deal with bad situations is a must for any man worth his salt.

The topic of physical training is so comprehensive that we could dedicate a website to that alone, so we won't be able to cover everything you need to know in this short guide. This section will give you some important basic principles of what your training should look like and offer a training plan that allows you to get into it.



Bond is essentially a soldier. He is the executive arm of the government. He has to rely on himself and be able to deal with all physical and psychological challenges along his way. He might get into dangerous situations where has to use his body to survive. He doesn't need a big impressive biceps. He needs a functional body that will allow him to do his job. Sound familiar? That's you.
Functional training means training your whole body and adapting to real movements that you use in life.

Running, swimming, jumping, climbing, lifting heavy weights, throwing objects, crawling, fighting. These are real human movements and applications. And as a man you should be able to do all these things, well. You seriously think your bicep isolation exercises are going to help you with that? The result of functional training will be a functional, powerful and manly physique. Strong AND beautiful.


To get the most out of your exercise it's critical that you bring enough intensity into the regime as soon as you get used to the movements. This could mean using little to now rest between exercises. Using weights that really challenge you, etc. If you work out in a gym and you can follow what's on the TV while you do your exercise, you're doing it wrong. Circuit and HIIT (High Intensity-Interval-Training) are excellent ways to challenge your muscles and and metabolic conditioning (cardio) at the same time.


The most effective work out program won't work if you don't stick to it. There are many different kind of training options and styles to choose from. Focus on functional training  and find something that you will stick with. The best program is the one that you will do.


As already mentioned physical fitness is more than a big chest and strong arms. Fitness constitutes Strength, Conditioning, Endurance, Mobility and Speed. Whatever you do, make sure you cover all these domains. On thing that is commonly overlooked is the flexibility and mobility aspect. But it is critical to stay injury-free. Even if you don't exercise. The modern human is livining in a very sedentary lifestyle. It's important to compensate for this with proper mobility training.


Diet is a big topic on it's own. But it's important enough to mention it here. People that wan't to get in shape or add muscle are usually very focused on the training. However, experts agree that exercise is only 50 percent of the puzzle (at most). Some even go as far as saying 70% diet 30% exercise.

All I will say is: stick to manly foods. Eat a lot of protein. Avoid large amounts of carbohydrates. I generally recommend more exercise instead of less food. For most overweight people it's not the amount of the food but the type of food that's the problem. If you want to lose weight research the Slow-Carb-Diet. Amazing results have been achieved by some minor changes in eating habits.

Remember this: If you hit a wall in your weight loss / muscle mass gain, it's probably the diet that should be optimized first, not the training.

Recommendations for further research:

- Natural Method / MovNat
- Freeletics
- Gym Jones
- Tacfit
- MWod
- The 4 Hour Body




This is a Beginner program. The program is divided into different modules that make up the workout and cardio section. The cardio section also features an indoor option you can perform at home or in a hotel room. Try to go for the full cardio routine, when possible. Scale volume and frequency on our own abilities and time available. Example week routine: 3x workout 2x cardio. Alternate workout and cardio days. 



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