James Bond had a great adventure in Vegas in Diamonds Are Forever. So will you. It’s easy to live the James Bond Lifestyle there because all the entertainment is right in front of you. Thusly, entertaining yourself is no problem. But to entertain your Bond Girl or any guest you might be with takes some thinking. Here are some tips.

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Never drive to various casinos and locations on the strip. Take a taxi instead. It’ll be less time consuming, easier on your nerves and safety and more fun for your date.



Set a gaming budget for your whole trip and stay on it. And never bore your date or guest with too much time at the tables or slot machines. Move around to various casinos for your gaming fun. Always monitor your date’s mood to see when it’s time to move on to new entertainment or quit for the night.



Find out your dates preference and see as many shows as you can. At least you’re not losing money in the casinos while you’re watching the shows. Be sure to see the
The Tournament of Kings dinner show at the Excalibur Hotel. It’s one of the few dinner shows remaining in Vegas. Your quest will love eating Cornish hen with their hands and watching the knight’s joust with magic and explosions.


4. When to Go

If possible, check in on a Sunday night and check out on Friday. It’s cheaper, there’s less people and a better selection of rooms. On the week-ends, prices go up and it’s packed with visitors from Los Angeles. Also, try to avoid Vegas when there’s a big boxing or UFC fight in town, except if that's what you're coming for. Try to stay away in mid-summer as it’s hot as hell, though you’re always okay in the air-conditioned casino hotels.


5.Getting there

If you’re not an a driving trip, then fly in, especially if you’re coming in from California. The road leading to Vegas has everyone driving bumper to bumper at 80 miles per hour. Many accidents happen. If you have to drive, take it serious and stay alert. Otherwise your arrival on the strip might turn out very un-bondlike.


6.Moving Around

Be aware that the giant-size hotels look closer than what they actually are. Don’t make your date walk to a casino that looks close, but is actually a mile away. Take a taxi. Especially if your date is wearing high heels.


7. Relax

Take your time, there. Don’t rush your  Bond Girl around. Go swimming at the luxury pools that all the hotels have. Let her shop at the Fashion Show Mall while you have a Starbucks coffee. Bond Girls like some alone time to shop without heir guy hanging over them. If you can, tell her to call you when she finds something she’d like to buy and pay for it.